Wednesday 10 April 2024

La fluidité en lecture!

While teaching students to read in my grade one classroom as well as during my reading recovery sessions, I found that for some students, reading fluency is not something that happened easily. My reading recovery trainer REALLY drilled that "la fluidité en lecture" has to happen EARLY, before students develop bad habits.
Students have to be TAUGHT to read with fluency. It does not happen automatically. You have to take every opportunity to teach fluency in reading!

Here are some suggestions:
1. During shared reading, try not to point to words with your finger. You do not want students to do it once they have "le mot à mot" so you should not do it yourself.

2. During shared reading, once in awhile read "comme un robot" without fluency. Students will quickly tell you that this is NOT the way to read!

3. As soon as students are ready, insist that they remove the finger from the book. "Tu es si bon que tu n'as plus besoin de mettre ton doigt sous les mots maintenant! Regarde-moi. Je lis sans mettre mon doigt. Je "touche" les mots avec mes yeux mais pas avec mon doigt. Ceci t'aide à lire plus vite et à mieux comprendre ce que tu lis! Ceci te permet de lire les groupes de mots ensemble et de lire comme tu parles.

4. Demonstrate by reading one page of the little book and then ask the student to read the next page "C'est ton tour maintenant. Lis les mots ensemble. Lis comme Madame."

5. You can also demonstrate by grouping words on a page as you read.
For example, if the sentence is "Je joue avec mon petit chien brun.", I would say "Je vais lire des petits groupes de mots et tu vas m'aider."   "Je joue"...Maintenant lis les mots ensemble comme moi (Je joue). Ensuite, je lis "petit chien" (L'élève répète les mots ensemble "petit chien")
Ensuite j'ajoute un mot et je lis "mon petit chien" (L'élève répète...). Finalement je dis "Maintenant, nous allons lire les groupes de mots ensemble "Je joue avec...mon petit chien." We want the student to realize that certain words are grouped together when reading. Reading fluency certainly goes hand in hand with reading comprehension. By practicing this often and by congratulating success, this will become more and more automatic!

In order to give the opportunity to practice grouping words together when reading, I created the following resource. It made an ENORMOUS difference with my students. It is all ready to print and use in a variety of ways. Click HERE to view one of 6 documents.

Each resource contains 30 sets of 4 sentences with many sight words. A word or two is added to each sentence, forcing the student to read the "group of words", therefore encouraging fluency in reading. Here is an example:

These can be used as is on a card with 4 sentences or cut up and stapled. Each set of sentences can be attached with a ring and placed in a literacy center.


My students and parents LOVED the interactive notebook idea, which I simply put in their morning message duo-tang regularly. Here is an example:

           Check out the BUNDLE containing 6 resources by clicking HERE

Give it a try with this FREEBIE


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